Sales Funnel Tips to Increase International Revenue

Sales funnel tips

The internet has created an endless amount of opportunities for selling all around the world. Gone are the days when you’d have to drive or fly just to meet people and shake their hands. Now you can generate leads and make sales from the comfort of your own home. To make matters even better, now there’s software that can help you when it comes to selling internationally.

So what is a sales funnel and how can you properly leverage it when selling globally? Keep reading to find out.

Sales Funnels: Making More Sales and Selling Internationally

A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that generates traffic to your business and nurtures those new customers. It turns website visitors into leads and then leads into customers. Sales funnels are also created by simply connecting landing pages in a specific order.

Let’s look at a simple example: a visitor might stumble upon your lead generation page where they enter their email address. After opting-in, they might get sent to a sales letter where they can read about what you have to offer. If they like what they see, they can continue on to the checkout page and make their purchase.

This is just one example and sales funnels offer many more possibilities. In the meantime, allow us to give you a few tips when it comes to making more sales and selling internationally.

Sales Funnels and Checkout Pages

Checkout pages, which are commonly referred to as shopping carts, are where a lot of the marketing magic happens. The good news is that when choosing your sales funnel builder, most of the popular options come with checkout pages. This is helpful because you won’t have to purchase separate shopping cart software.

Now, the checkout page is important for a few reasons. First, this is one of your landing pages that you’ll want to split-test in order to maximize your conversions. Again, just about every popular sales funnel software comes along with a split-testing feature. Consider adding testimonials to help you increase your conversions, as everyone loves to see social proof when it comes to making a purchase.

In regards to increasing sales, it’s highly recommended that you implement an order bump. An order bump is a little box that sits on your checkout page and it allows your customers to make an extra purchase. The beauty of the process is that your customers only have to check off a box in order for it to work.

These are some of the most significant tips when it comes to increasing sales both locally and internationally, however, we’ve only just begun when it comes to making the best of your checkout pages.

Offer Shipping on Your Checkout Pages

While many of the features that we previously mentioned come with sales funnel builders, shipping is a perk that not all sales funnel software comes with. On the other hand, you can always integrate with other tools to make it happen. Examples of tools that offer to ship include Shopify, Shipstation, Disc Delivered, to name a few.

Adding shipping to your checkout pages is all it takes to not only reach customers internationally but more importantly, to sell and ship internationally.

Add the Possibility of Taxes

First, you should always seek expert advice when it comes to the topic of tax. Nevertheless, the possibility of adding sales tax on your checkout pages is also a nice option to have. For example, Avalara is a great choice for simplifying tax compliance with automation. They even integrate with the popular sales funnel tool, ClickFunnels. The process is pretty simple too. It comes down to adding your account details, and then turning on the setting if you want your checkout page to include a taxable product.

Sales Funnels and One-Click Upsells

Most sales funnel software tools also come with the ability to utilize one-click upsells. After your customers make their purchase (or purchases) on your checkout page, they will then get directed to your one-click upsell page. This page features an offer that is highly related to what they originally purchased, and is usually a tad-bit higher priced. What makes this page so special is that your customers can make a purchase with a single click of their mouse.

When it comes to traditional upsell pages, customers would usually have to add in their name, email address, home address, and credit card information all over again. But not with a one-click upsell page. This makes the purchasing process much easier for your customers, and because of that, it can significantly help you make more sales and increase your overall revenue.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; sales funnels will not only allow you to sell internationally, but they’ll allow you to utilize a wide variety of tools for increasing your sales. You now have the ability to sell anything to anyone all around the world, and you never have to leave the comfort of your home. Talk about an amazing opportunity.

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