Hire a Voice Actor for Your Marketing Project

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It comes as no surprise that business owners want to cut corners as much as possible, even when it comes to their marketing campaigns. B2B marketing usually involves infographics, vlogs, and other content where a voice actor would come in handy, but is voice acting really mandatory, or is it an optional addition that makes your content more appealing?

Technically speaking, hiring a voice actor for your advert is entirely optional, but it does add significant value to your content. Users are more likely to stick around and listen if you hire a professional narrator, partly because it takes less effort to listen than to read, and also because it makes your content more intriguing overall. Here’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a professional voice actor for your marketing project.

Professional voiceovers improve SEO

Adding explainer videos to your website is a tried and tested way to improve your website’s SEO. If you plan to make a sponsored advert to add to your social media pages, always add it to the homepage of your website. This drastically improves your website’s visibility and ranks it higher on search engines, which in turn gives organic traffic a boost.

If this sounds like news to you, it’s because this wasn’t the case in the past, but in 2019 Google made the announcement that they had updated their search engines to better serve podcasts. With that in mind, you can improve the optimization of your video by adding a description to it. Make sure to compress your content as needed to reduce loading times for your users and ensure that any new visitors stick around.

Professional voice actors elevate your content

Simply put, a professional narrator makes your content more appealing to new users and loyal customers alike. A professional voice actor enunciates everything that you need your potential customers to hear and makes your video appear more interesting and of higher quality.

Of course, this all depends on the talent of the actor you hire. Luckily, there’s a wide range of talents to choose from, so when you consider buying a voice over recording, it’s best to opt for a website that provides samples and a quote for free. Many actors will also offer you the first two revisions completely free of charge.

Versatile styles and uses of professional voiceover

Whatever service or product you offer to the market, a professional narrator provides versatility in both style and content. Upon request, a voice actor can send you their portfolio to showcase different styles of narration depending on the audience you’re targeting. This comes in handy if you’re unsure what style to go for. Depending on your marketing project, you can hire an actor for an entire podcast, for video narration, for a small audiobook, or for e-learning purposes.

Voiceovers give your brand authenticity

Apart from being more practical, hiring a professional narrator will sound more authentic to your target demographic. You can hire different actors for your videos or sign a contract with one professional to give your brand a voice that your audience grows familiar with. The more personalized your content is, the more likely potential customers will remember the content of your videos and what your brand stands for.

Voiceover work is surprisingly affordable

Contrary to popular belief, voice actors are quite affordable, unless you’re looking to hire a celebrity, which is not advisable if you’re marketing a startup. Before you request a quote, it’s recommended to finalize your marketing project to see how many videos you need a voice-over for and if you’ll need to hire the same narrator in the future.

If video content will be part of future marketing campaigns, you might be able to land a better, more affordable offer with the same company or freelance voice actor. Of course, it goes without saying that hiring a professional through a high-rated website is less of a gamble than hiring someone on a freelance basis, and most of the time, it’s the more affordable option.

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Voice-over actors can help improve your script

Believe it or not, voice actors just might know your target audience better than you do, especially professionals who have worked in the market for several years. Because they have hands-on experience with such projects, they might be able to provide you with advice on how to keep your audience engaged, and they can give you critique on provided scripts.

Don’t hesitate to ask voice-over professionals for advice. In some cases, they will offer to send you a revised script or write one from scratch. Producers usually advise business owners to provide a draft and to give voice actors the liberty to add a dash of personality to make the content more intriguing.

Drastically improves your company’s CTA conversions

What’s the point of an advert if it doesn’t encourage viewers to make a purchase? Voice-over artists are far more inviting than slapping some text on video content. Professional voice actors essentially speak to your audience in a way that encourages them to check out your product or service. If you hire a podcast broadcaster, you can also have them tell a personal story of how your product has helped them solve an issue or how it made their lives easier.

Aside from being more intriguing, it will encourage listeners to better remember your service. Personal stories, in general, will help your target demographic relate to your product or service. Furthermore, a voice-over artist makes your advert sound more trustworthy and persuasive to your audience, which is something that words cannot capture on their own. In other words, you can consider the narrator as a mascot for your brand, especially if you’re planning to work with them on a long-term basis.

What about international voiceover?

A voice actor will quite literally be the voice of your brand, so hiring one for your marketing project is surely a worthy investment. Not only will this make your brand appear more trust-worthy to your audience, it will also elevate your brand message, improve your website’s SEO, and give your target demographic a lasting first impression.

If you plan to reach an international audience, why not translate your video or audio content? One way to do this is through subtitles, alternatively, you can have your scripts translated and recorded by a native voice-over actor, which will help your overseas audience feel connected to your brand. For professional audiovisual translation, look no further than BeTranslated. Our experienced team of translators includes experts in a wide range of language pairs. For more information or a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today.