Aeronautics Translations: Why Aviation Professionals Choose BeTranslated

aeronautics translations

Ever since our company was first founded by a team of language professionals, we have taken great pride in providing our customers with high-quality translations in the transportation sector, including aeronautics translations.Over the years, our team of translators has developed a genuine passion for translations related to aeronautics, and we always put our best efforts into each project. Industry leaders including airlines, private jet charters and other aircraft manufacturers (OEMs), regularly ask our team to translate their websites, technical manuals, marketing communications, business proposals, or simply to work with their aviation contracts, translating into English or other mainstream languages.

Specialized aeronautics translators with years of experience

Our language professionals are some of the most sought-after in the aeronautics industry. From companies like Air Charter Service (private jet charters) to Air Caraibes (top regional airline in the French Caribbean), Vietnamese Airlines (airline carrier), or Dassault (airframe original equipment manufacturer – OEM), there are many key players in aeronautics who have put their trust in our translation team here at BeTranslated. Our team of specialized translators draws upon their extensive experience in the industry, allowing us to offer top-of-the-line translations, unmatched in quality, both in commercial and civil aviation as well as in military air and naval transportation.

Our term database has been compiled with close to 20 years of aeronautics translations, thereby making it possible for us to respond to all types of requests, from translating brochures for the Salon Du Bourget (Paris airshow) and rollout specifications for the new Cessna Citation X+ (the fastest private jet in the world) to translating frequent flier loyalty programs for airlines such as Air Caraibes. Aeronautics and aerospace are both fields that our translation agency is well versed in, and our translators speak the same aviation language and specific jargon as industry professionals; aviation terminology, technical aircraft parts lists, flight characteristics, recurrent training for aviation personnel and much more are very familiar to our experts.

Experts in translating aviation content

We have a proven track record in aeronautics marketing and blogging; it’s a “house specialty”. Especially as aviation transportation is currently proving to be one of the most promising sectors of the 21st century. In 2018, 4.3 billion passengers took to the air with one of the 1,300 airlines operating today, and this growing trend is likely to increase. It is estimated that the number of air transportation passengers doubles every 15 years, an exceptionally promising sign for this booming sector.

Technical advances in this field are just as spectacular: Electric planes, unmanned aircraft (coming out in 2023) and other new concepts are taking shape. The largest aircraft equipment manufacturers, airframers and other air transport service providers invest a little more each day in order to anticipate the expectations of future passengers and acquire more profitable airlines and other private jets. The stakes are high!

Among the businesses holding their own in this new type of tourism industry, private air charter professionals are ahead of the game.

The strong growth (in terms of turnover, but also in the number of new companies opening up around the world) of these businesses specialized in leasing private jets is enough to make anyone envious. This growth is based on exceptionally good communication designed specifically for travelers who swear by this preferred mode of transportation.

These days, leasing a Gulfstream G650ER or a Dassault Falcon 7X is no longer just reserved for a happy few, but has become a modern way to save time getting to an urgent meeting or winter sports.

Air Charter Service, one of the top air charter companies in the world, has chosen BeTranslated to translate all of its international communications, blog posts (which not only cover stories about flight crew and cabin crew but also the history of women in aviation as well as changes at international airports and cabin configurations on private jets).

Our company also translates messages which the aircraft leasing business publishes on social media accounts, and many other platforms, these include invitations to the Salon de Bourget air show, financial performance results, internal personnel changes and more.

The result is an impressive online presence, with undeniable success year after year. Our specialized aeronautics translators know exactly the right terminology, whether it relates to private jets, commercial air charters, or air freight and On Board Couriers (OBCs)/hand-carried courier services.

Aerospace and technical translations: BeTranslated is the agency for you

Our professional translation agency also has the advantage of drawing from a pool of skilled aviation veterans who are familiar with the technical aviation terms and can offer our customers high-quality translations in this very specific field, covering:

– Maintenance Organization Expositions (MOE)
– Operations Manuals
– Airport Safety and Security Programs
– Maintenance Programs (helicopters, jets, commercial aircraft)
– Airport Safety and Security Programs
– Parts Lists
– Pilot Training Manuals
– Onboard Avionics
– Aircraft Maintenance Records
– Onboard Software
– Technical Datasheets

Our teams work on all types of support platforms, and translate just as many PowerPoint presentations as we do PDFs from multiple source documents. We are also involved with military aviation and have translated a large number of technical documents over a period of more than 10 years for Dassault Aviation, a key player in French-made aerospace and aeronautics products and services. So, you can rest assured that BeTranslated can meet all your requirements, whatever form they take.

Translating commercial aeronautics documents: We have the answers

Business aviation, tourism aviation, leasing of private jets – aviation is a varied industry.

Each of these fields involves a large number of official documents that need to be translated into the languages of the countries where the air carrier wants to operate, from English (making the distinction between British English and American English) into Portuguese and more besides including Chinese.

In this regard, private jet charters used for business or tourism are increasingly popular in China or the “Middle Kingdom” or “Middle Country”, the Chinese name for China. Accurate translations of air charter services, air freight and cargo shipping, or holiday travel services that you provide can quickly generate a considerable ROI.

Management manuals and other quality assurance plans are some of the translations required in the language of your target country, and only air transportation experts familiar with the local markets and the terms related to this field can provide accurate translations of these types of documents.

Translating aeronautics contracts: BeTranslated rises to the challenge

fLegal translation is an art in and of itself, and can only be done by specialized translators who know the subject matter inside and out, in addition to being familiar with the equivalent international terms in order to respect the meaning of the original source document. Commercial contracts, sales contracts, and lease-back contracts are prime examples. In air transportation, contract translations must not only convey the meaning of the original source document but also those characteristics specific to the industry, or risk losing credibility.

Needless to say that, with almost 20 years of experience, our legal translators specialized in aeronautics are 100% in their element when working on a text, with aviation contracts a particular strength. Whether contracts for mergers and acquisitions, leasing or general purchase conditions, and confidentiality agreements, nothing intimidates our legal experts, who excel specifically in the field of aviation, offering the best turnaround times. Our aeronautics translators guarantee absolute confidentiality and information contained in the files remains secure at all times.

Translating aeronautics websites: Call in the experts

Do you want to translate your website which promotes private jet leasing to introduce tourists from all over the world to your very own corner of paradise? Have you set up an online reservation website (commercial aviation, freight, etc.) on a platform like WordPress and would really like to make it available to your international clients? You need to call on the leader in e-commerce and online sales to improve your online presence.

We work in conjunction with a wide variety of airlines, improving their airline sales or leasing websites and translating their air transportation services into different languages. The company Air Caraibes, just to name one, has enlisted our services and is pleased with the results we provide, taking advantage too of the rise of global tourism and the incredible opportunities in this new and virtually limitless market. Our translation of the airframer’s website – now multilingual – has made their most recent business figures take off, and our client is on top of the world.

Commercial airlines like Air Saint-Pierre or Vietnamese Airlines call upon our team regularly to translate content for their websites; they know the value an aeronautics translation done by our specialists in the field can add to their business operations.

These SEO translations (carefully designed to interact with search engines) have the unique ability to highlight key terms related to air transportation and to boost visibility of your website internationally.

We provide translations for aircraft sales or leasing websites, introductory brochures, tourism materials, and flight route maps, at rates that are always adapted to your budget.

Our aeronautics translators work on all types of platforms and formats: Whether your website is on WordPress, Drupal, Magento or another platform, our team can work with any of these programs and can help you at each step of the process by exporting the data contained on your platform, so we can start translating your documents in the best possible conditions.

The United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific – wherever your airline is based, wherever you offer your air transport services, or wherever you want to establish yourself, BeTranslated is there. Aeronautics translation is more than just a passion for us, it is at the heart of what we do and combines all the fields we have worked in into one. Simultaneously covering tourism, legal, technical and business, translations in the field of aviation inspire our translators to give the best of themselves.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a fast and free custom quote, which takes into account your budget requirements and specific needs. Are you ready? Well then, let’s go…prepare for takeoff!